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Today, I’m proceeding with English Words that are frequently Confused: words beginning with ‘E’. In the event that you might want to get all my future posts clarifying confounding words, simply click on ‘Follow’.


We should view some confounding words:

a) palatable, consumable

b) impact, influence

c) famous, fast approaching

d) suffer, endure

e) enormity,  tremendous

f) particularly, uncommonly

♦ ♦

♦ palatable – descriptive word

♦ palatable – descriptive word

Avocado are palatable and this one will stay consumable for maybe two additional days.

I generally imagined that avocados were vegetables.  In Australia, they are served in servings of mixed greens, on toast, with fish, and in plunges like guacamole. I was astonished to hear my Brazilian understudies call them organic product! They eat them as a sweet and in drinks. They inferred that Australians were abnormal!

We as a whole concur that avocados are palatable: they can regularly be eaten. (The stone in the inside isn’t consumable. It is unpalatable.) However, that currently rotting avocado you put in the refrigerator a month prior isn’t consumable! ‘Edible’ alludes to the state of food.

♦ ♦

♦ effect –  noun

Taking a gander at child creatures, particularly infant elephants, ordinarily has a positive effect on people.

Is it true that you were dazzled with the special effects used in the movie Avatar?

Note: ‘Effect’ can likewise be utilized as an action word however fare thee well. While ‘affect’ means ‘to change’, ‘effect’ means ‘to realize/cause’ a change. It is normally utilized in formal talking and composing. I prompt consulting a dictionary if you wish to use ‘effect’ as an action word.

The President trusts to effect new laws to manage sedate dealing.

♦ affect –  verb (utilized with object: this implies that the subject  changes or influences the item – a person or thing)

In France, the amazingly cold winter of 2018-2019 affected many grape plantations

Do you accept that your thinking affects your activities?

♦ ♦

♦ prominent – modifier: which means recognized, high-positioning, celebrated

Famous researchers around the world are working day and night in the quest for an antibody for the Wuhan Coronavirus.

♦ unavoidable – modifier: which means prone to happen soon, approaching, undermining

Regardless of the way that Mount Etna is a functioning fountain of liquid magma and ejections are inescapable, numerous individuals keep on living on its slants.

Mt Etna, Sicily

♦ ♦

♦ suffer – action word: as a rule showing enduring or progressing adversity, frequently peacefully

During war times, the people bear outrageous difficulties, particularly food deficiencies.

♦ endure – action word: to endure, to permit something to proceed, with some endorsement; regularly utilized in the negative

I tolerate  a great deal of sketchy conduct from my understudies: neglecting to do schoolwork, showing up after the expected time for class, in any event, nodding off in class. In any case, I won’t endure sluggishness!

♦ ♦

♦ immensity – thing: extraordinary wickedness, mercilessness on a colossal scale; accurately utilized regarding atrocities and different violations against humankind; inaccurately used to portray something significant, similar to a horde of thousands at a games match or music show

I can’t resist thinking about whether the normal Chinese resident knows about the hugeness of the misery and decimation that Chaiman Mao constrained upon his own kin and nation.

Regardless of the tirades of neo-nazis, the world is very much aware of the hugeness of the enduring brought about by Adolf Hitler in WWII.

A large number of the ongoing Australian bushfires were begun by fire playing criminals. The immensity of their wrongdoing can’t be thought little of.

♦ gigantic – descriptive word: extremely huge in size or number

Coles stores, Australia, as of late publicized 5,000 opening for easygoing staff to help adapt to request during the Wuhan Caronavirus circumstance. They got a huge number of utilizations: 35,000!

The pyramids in Egypt are gigantic.

Unexperienced parents are now and again astonished to find that they have a tremendous limit with respect to love and persistence.

Note: Unfortunately, on the grounds that hugeness is utilized progressively (particularly in the media) when very large is the importance planned, it is presently characterized in a few current and online word references as significance incredibly enormous. I speculate this has come about in light of the fact that gigantic has no satisfactory thing. Immensity is seemingly syntactically right, yet sounds wrong, so hugeness appears to be a simple fix. Similarly as with the much-abused descriptive word unbiased, my anxiety is that if enormity winds up meaning enormous simply on the grounds that individuals don’t have a clue about the distinction, we will lose a brief, significant English word. Until the end of time. Each time we lose an imperative word, our language turns into somewhat less fortunate.

♦ ♦

♦ particularly – verb modifier: to a bizarre degree, especially

Bushfires are a characteristic wonder in Australia. In any case, the ongoing ones were particularly savage due to the collection of dry wood and undergrowth which gave a tremendous measure of fuel for the flames. Fire anticipation measures had been disregarded for quite a long while and a bushfire season from hellfire was unavoidable. You may conclude that the lawmakers and civil servants who permitted this to happen were particularly dumb and you would be correct.

Do you like your new scarf? I weaved it exceptionally for you!

♦ extraordinarily – verb modifier: for a specific reason

Do you like your new scarf? I weaved it exceptionally for you!

We realize you need to rest inside, however different canines rest outside and we can’t change the principles uncommonly for you.

Indeed, obviously, you are an exceptionally extraordinary little canine and this extremely unique scarf which I made uncommonly for you will keep you warm on the coldest evenings!

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